Wife Material 101

In Africa, it has become a common norm for men to talk about “wife material”. In other word, a woman who can cook, clean, wash his clothes and be the typical African woman.

Now, I dont have an issue with marriage. It was ordained by God and I am also a romantic at heart. It becomes an issue for me when a woman is expected to lose her identity just because she is married.

But women still shoulder the bulk of the housekeeping and childrearing, even when working full-time. A married man is likely to pursue his career as though he were still single, while a married woman is expected to forfeit her public life to follow her husband or care for the young, the old, and the infirm of the family.

Its not uncommon for a man to be seen listing his characteristics for wife material or a woman being told to conform herself to what a man wants

I don’t want that…I do not believe I need to lie, or pretend just because i want to be seen as wife material.

I want a marriage that is a partnership. I want a marriage where we r both equals. i want a marriage where my husband doesn’t feel it makes him less of a man to help around the house. I want a marriage where nobody is afraid to do another person’s job. I can change the light bulbs and he can cook. I want a marriage with someone who will push me to achieve my goal, who doesn’t get threatened at my success.

And you know what, I believe that God always gives us the right person for us. I am not afraid to wait till i find that because I know my worth.

Whats your opinion on marriage as a partnership?

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Hi…i didn’t post last week cos i was trying to sort out issues. I was told recently that my posts are not favorable to guys and forr that I am sorry. I have met with some pretty decent guys. I just write based on topics that i recently experienced. So sorry if u feel that way.


15 thoughts on “Wife Material 101

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  1. I love this! Very simple and clear somehow some men will never understand. God will never allow such come my way. Good job


  2. Please tell them.. Cos I don’t understand why a woman has to be the one to pass through all the stress in the house. Point taken, they also bring in money but please when the cooking gas is finished, refill it and stop waiting for a woman to do so all because it is her kitchen.


  3. Talk about equality but women are still considered as someone who can just be home maker. Try turning the tables. I do hope someday these men themselves try to manage what we women manage and tackle in our daily lives. I am sure they will fall flat in their faces.
    Great post.


      1. That’s really crazy. (and I then I saw your name so pardon me) ๐Ÿ™‚ But like bad crazy. I hope there is development of new thoughts and changes soon. All will be fine then .


      2. Don’t work. I get my daily dose when people call me crazy
        I really hope too that a generation of guys comes up ND drops the whole idea of men being superior.
        I heard a man preaching and he was like how dare u call a man by his name..u r supposed to call him My lord… LIKE WHAT!!!!+

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      3. Seriously as if!!! What are their names used for then. They should probably keep the mens name Lord after their birth itself.That’s the only way probably someone’s going to call them lord๐Ÿ˜€

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  4. Thank you
    You just hit d nail on the
    I don’t have a problem with marriage but I have a problem wen dey make it feel as if marriage is a Lady’s identify…
    Submission is not slavery
    We should also understand dt wat we should seek for is recognition and identity not equality…
    Even d Bible said d man is d head and a woman is d neck dey can’t be two heads but dey can be team work..

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    1. Men need to understand that God didn’t make us the buttocks to be wiped, neither did he make us the foot to be stepped on..he made us the neck..now. If we talk on the functions of the neck, we r supporting….u can’t degrade d neck..any damage to the neck is equal to a damage to the head. Thanks love


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