When i first got this idea for enterpreneurship, it seemed so easy in my head. I figured it would be something you just start and see returns. How wrong I was?

Within this one month, I have had to experience different emotions sometimes all at once: sadness, dismay, despair, frustration, happiness, extreme exhaustion, you name it.

I remember going house to house to tell people about my product and feeling so discouraged at the end of it. I remember feeling like a failure many times because people brush you and your product off.


1. Nothing good ever comes easy. No matter what we believe, the act of enterpreneurship is not easy.

2. The journey always makes for a good story later on.

3. Many times, you have to motivate yourself.

4. Embarrassment is something you get used to.

5. The end is what makes the journey worthwhile.

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    1. Yesss… exactly… there is something I call it…I have forgotten the. Term….one of ur contacts has maybe ten contacts on the least…if I have ten contacts who have ten contacts each..I have a hundred contacts

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