I want to be rich!!

This is the normal statement made by most people today. When asked what wealth means to them, most people immediately think money.

I was one of those. But, what caused my ideologies about wealth to change. Recently, I haven’t been too strong health wise. I remember thinking during one of my weakness and vomiting spells “I had give all the money I have right now just to feel better”.

When I was in the clinic (I was a very noisy patient…once I started feeling better), I was placed in the same room as a little girl of eight. I saw the girl’s face as she cried out in pain and I am pretty sure she would have given everything she had for the pain to stop.

So what am I saying?? I dont think wealth is all about money anymore. Yes, money is part of it but I feel wealth is a cumulation of money, physical wellness, spiritual growth, and even people to share it with😃😃

I still want to be rich oooo….

What’s ur definition of wealth??

Sorry guys!!! Thanks for being so patient…i love u



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