I was scrolling through my feeds when this image popped up. I felt hit by a bolt of inspiration lightning(if you get what i mean).


Patience is a virtue that has been preached throughout centuries past. The saying “good things come to those who wait”is a very popular saying among youths,parents, even children are getting into the waiting spirit. In business, the act of always waiting is directly proportional to failure: Waiting=Failure


I was talking to someone whose work I greatly admire and he said something very meaningful to me.It went something like this:

There is always opportunity everywhere you look. You are only allowed to see it when you have reached a level of readiness and receptiveness to that particular opportunity waiting. Opportunity never comes knocking.It walks right by and only those who are on the move might catch it.

Some of us sit at home waiting for that idea we have in our heads to come to fruition. We reach the age of sixty still waiting and hoping and hoping for that one miracle. Some of us have great ideas, great skills and talents inside us that are still waiting to come out and bless humanity, but we still wait and wait for that perfect time.

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I am going to list some few reasons why some people wait and wait and keep on waiting:

  • Fear: Now fear can be divided into three:-
    • Fear of the unknown: Many of us are scared of leaving what we know to venture into unfamiliar terrain
    • Fear of the hustle: Many of us are scared of the amount of work it might actually take to reach the level we want
    • Fear of people; Many of us are scared of what people will say, how they will say it.
  • laziness: I have to say I am one of the people in this category. We are lazy.Like not the normal nice kind of lazy, but instead the Hey, I cant see myself getting out of bed this year kind of lazy.
  • Dire financial straits: Many people have this problem. They do not have the money to begin what they want to begin so they don’t even try anymore.


Now, I am going to give you the three  keys that I begin to use:

  • Strategize: Think deeply about what you want to do, and the goal you plan to accomplish be it short term and long term goals.
  • Start: Just start small. You never know how far that idea you have might lead you to.
  • Success; Then get prepared for your success bout.

I congratulate you already in advance.

What reasons can you give why people usually keep on waiting and are afraid of the grind?

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